What is Domaining?

Domaining is the term given to domain name investing (and speculation) with the aim to resell the domains for a profit. Domaining requires a lot of fore-thought and expertise to know what sets one domain name above another. Since it takes months to years to hone your ability to…

Domainers — Who is a Domainer?
Domainers — Who is a Domainer?

Broadly speaking anyone into domain investment is a domainer, but they can be further divided into two groups of domainers, the hobby domain investor (pseudo-domainer) and the professional domain investor (domainer). The thing is that until you become a true domainer you will always feel like a pseudo-domainer. …

“The Name is Binod… James Binod.” — Binod

The word Binod has taken the internet by storm in the past few days. No longer is it a derogatory term originally used to make fun of a senseless but harmless troll who just repeated his own name everywhere. It has now become uber cool to know and use Binod…

Anita Walker

➊⌇Engineer ➋⌇Entrepreneur ➌⌇Designer ➍⌇Developer ➎⌇Domainer ➏⌇Artist ➐⌇Writer ➑⌇Poet ➒⌇Believer ➓⌇Mom ⋙Looking to connect with ⟢MY TRIBE⟣ here!⋘

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