Hi Hollie,

That's a lovely gutsy write-up from you. All power to you for being able to put it out there. I hope it has been cathartic and somehow healing.

I felt a few readers here didn’t see that you are trying to heal from this wound/misstep you took. Do ignore their insensitive comments, as obviously, they missed deeply understanding your perspective.

Even though I have never been in your exact situation, I can identify with it, having turned down such overtures since my divorce. I wasn’t surprised when the cycle repeated in your story, in fact, I expected it. Cheating is a pattern hard to break for the immature. The simple reason for this is because it is not wrong for them. Why would anyone change something that is not wrong?

I agree with the comment that your article title is a little misleading. I too clicked to read about: the mind of a cheater. In contrast, however, I’m only glad I did. Since the topic interests me, I would like to add to your article with my own freewheeling take on the Cheating Spouse (both male and female). Feel free to link to it if you like it.


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