Sir with all due respect you do not understand Justice. You speak as if it is right to punish everyone surrounding a murderer for the murder. What you have written might be in line with thousands of others but millions of people world-over believe in showing Mercy and Love towards their fellow human beings which are the only things that can bring true change. If a revengeful spirit could change anything in this world there would be no good in anyone's heart and everyone would be on the streets fighting coz fighting brings results.

Please stop provoking each other to do more harm to humanity as we are ONE RACE. You might think that I as an Indian from across the globe have no right to say anything regarding your race and history, but I do as another human being watching my fellow human beings think and act wrong. As a collective nation externally and within ourselves India too has a lot of issues and they all have two foundations "violence" and "greed". Rather than talk about centuries of oppression which many nations have fought against and can talk about till all go hoarse and deaf, I invite you to focus on what can be done today on a case by case basis to improve lives and shift biases. Never forget that the people who have historically propelled change have always been "mixed race" groups, and not just individuals, who had the right heart for their fellow human beings.

The starting point to voicing my opinions on global issues was when I cried after seeing the videos of George Floyd and even more so for innocent Elijah McClain. I was hopping mad that such things could happen in our world today. Don't you think at least 90% of everyone watching it would have been deeply affected by such acts? Please know that these are issues not of your race but of your country and our world. Work towards punishing those heartless individuals and stick to making these crucial changes for your country as a whole. What you are doing is also discrimination through your writing and if no one else can show you that maybe a voice from across the globe could. If you truly believe in justice you wouldn't have a hardened heart and it can't take you far.

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